◆Correction of rules
1.01 1.01 Correction of the rule on the mothership of Alien
As Elf was too weak against Alien and Alien was pretty strong, we changed the rule about their mothership.
X: Can't get rid of a mothership
O: Can get rid of a mothership by 2 Moves
* We included a correction seal in the first version; please put it on the wrong text.

1.02 Correction on the number of tokens of Dragon (2019/6/1)
Mistake was found on the number of the component:

X: 3 Larges
O: 2 Larges

The number of the large tokens of Dragon is 2; the number on the board is correct.


Q. The resource is to be taken by the species whose power is most strong in the area, right?

A. No, it's taken by the species who are the majority, which means their power is over half of the whole, in the area.

Q. Can we move a token of opponent species to anywhere?
A. Yes, you can move them not only to the neighbor but also to anywhere. It's more like "re-locating" them.


Q. Can Slime assemble anytime?
A. No. They can do only in moving phase

Q. Can Slime assemble as many times as they want to for just one blue resource?
A. No. One assemble, one resource. However, if you make Slime made of 2 be with Slime made of 2, the cost will be just one.

Q. If someone opens a snatch card in resource phase, should he/she open another card?
A. No. It's fixed how many cards should be opened, and snatch cards should be counted in.

Q. My Alien does not have an area in 3-player game at the initial setting.
A. Use any of available area.