◆Some corrections of the rule and FAQ

Please read before playing the game.


Dragon, Slime and... Alien?

Reign over the place with 5 unique characters.

Authentic Euro Game taking just 45 minutes!


This is a saga of species vying for the reign of Hegemonia.

Your purpose is to be their leader to win it.

Lead your company, destroy the other species, gather resources and expand your dominance.

Be the king of Hegemonia to be remembered in history!

▼The System

The species gaining the majority of a place can get a resource.

Yes, this is "area-majority" kind of game.

Ordinary area-majority game makes us:

Place a token;

And check the most.

However, this game makes us:

Move a token;

And check the majority.

This unique system changes a situation dynamically, and lets players have a fun casually.

▼MechanicsArea majority
Area move
Individual characters for each player
Exchange / negotiation
Set collection


▼Number of players
For 2-5


▼Estimated time
30-45 minutes

Over 7 years

Studium Mundi

▼Game Designer
Hiroyuki Sadamatsu