Hyappiki Isshu イメージ
Hyappiki Isshu イメージ
Hyappiki Isshu イメージ
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Hyappiki Isshu

Hyappiki Isshu (Animal ver.), easy to play for a 4-year child! It's a new Karuta game taking the essence of "Kimari-ji" of Hyakunin Isshu. There are 2 rules: Easy one for many players, and serious one for 2-player game!

Number of Players
Estimate Time
15 min
Over 3 years

Manufacturer : Studium Mundi

Game Designer : Hiroyuki Sadamatsu

Easy to play!

It’s very easy; the same rule as Karuta!
Just read a card, and take the counterpart

Anybody can be a Reader!

The picture tells what the card is

No memory work!

The picture tells what the card is; you don’t have to memorize the original poem!

Do you try the serious one?

If you are used to the basic rule, let’s try the serious rule for 2 players to feel the essence of Hyakunin Isshu!

What is Kimari-ji?

It’s the letter that allows you to identify the target card. This changes as the game goes, so you have to understand how many words should be read to identify the target every time. So exciting!